Are you Safe at Night?

Our systems will train you to be safe at anytime of the day or night.  We teach  route planning, automobile safety, garage & home defense safety, kidnapping and abduction, forced entry, home invasion, and robbery to name a few.  Contact our Go2Firearm safety instructors today to learn how to stay safe!

Bad Guys are REAL!

In today’s violent world of active shooters, road rage, workplace incidents, senseless personal attacks in broad day light, brazen attacks that develop from someone stealing a package delivered to your home to full on drug fueled two on one attacks, people need and are looking for solutions now.  Contact our staff to learn how to start training today!

Survive a Violent Encounter

Join a course that will train its attendees on the everyday carry items, weapons of opportunity such as impact weapons, edged weapons, gun defense and much more.  Our instructors teach the necessary skillset and defensive tactics in a wide range of life-like scenarios from parking lot safety, elevators, on the street, ATM and more. Situational awareness combined with the correct mind and skill set to keep you safe.

Don’t Be A Target

In this ever-changing world of violence and chaos the knowledge and skillset we provide at Go2FAS is truly life-saving. We are unique as our systems is taught in a manner that “Simplicity over Complexity” is the fundamental asset in training for Home Defense Training.    

The Real Deal

At Go2 Firearm Safety, our home invasion course teaches pre-planning while identifying safety routes to an actual physical encounter during a home invasion where defense skills are needed. Our students earn the confidence and skill sets needed to protect themselves and their loved ones. Form A Strategy today with a Home Invasion Defense course.  Contact us TODAY to get scheduled for your class.