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About Us Go2FAS

Welcome to Go2FirearmSafety.com™

Go2FirearmSafety.com™ was developed to provide a “one-stop” resource for individuals looking for information on the safe use of firearms. This site was developed in 2015 and launched in 2016 as a way to help community members connect with resources that provide information on all things firearms, from gun safety instruction courses to gun ranges and much more. You will find information and listings about different firearm resources nearest you.

What is Go2FirearmSafety.com™?

Go2FirearmSafety.com™ is a firearm resource listing site that helps connect community members with firearm instructors and other firearm businesses within the industry. Their goal is to take the guesswork out of selecting the right firearm course or outlet that meets your requirements.

How do I use Go2FirearmSafety™?

It’s very simple and easy. Start by entering your zip code and select which category best fits what you are searching for, or show all results by searching just your zip code. This will take you to our directory of firearm businesses by closest location. You may expand your search radius up to 100 miles by clicking the sprocket in the zip code bar. If you are a business owner, get started with Go2FirearmSafety™ by claiming your business from our listings. Don’t see your business in the results? Neither will anyone else! Add your business to start getting your own visitors!

Do I need previous experience to take firearm safety courses?

Absolutely not! Beginners start firearm training every day.

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