Affiliate Instructor Courses

Ever thought about becoming a firearms Instructor? Maybe you are prior, retired or active Military seeking to earn an income. Maybe you are a civilian, current NRA instructor or maybe you have never used a firearm before. Well, Go2 Firearm Safety has the perfect opportunity for you.


Our PPT G.E.A.R. Instructor Training is for those who are new to teaching firearms as well as those with experience. Go2 Firearm Safety, Inc. has designed a one of a kind business in a box model that offers all PPT G.E.A.R. Instructor training attendees a curriculum, marketing plan, a marketing website, and all the needed resources to grow and operate your business. We are also seeking to hire like-minded individuals who care about helping others help themselves stay safe.

Who Are The Go2FAS Instructors, Their Background and Credentials?

Our Team is comprised of a wide variety of Instructors with all types of backgrounds from;

  • Instructors who have been instructing for over 30 years
  • Law Enforcement (active and retired)
  • SWAT (active and retired)
  • Special Operations (active and inactive)
  • Military (active and inactive)
PPT Gear Gun Safety Instruction

Are you interested in learning more about our Company?

We have three phase process for the inexperienced to the experienced in learning more about our business and what we can do for those in the firearm industry. We are looking for like-minded individuals as we grow our locations across the country.

Step 1 – Discovery Stage

Learning the wants vs needs of YOU or YOUR Business.

Our Go2 Firearm Safety Training Consultant will manage a thorough review of what you are looking for as an individual or as a business. You can expect a call from our senior training Team Leader.

i. Complete the form below (no experience needed)

Step 2 – Strategic Planning

During this unique behind cover strategic planning phase we identify your wants and needs within your local area to enhance the known growth factors for YOU!

The Go2 Firearm Safety affiliate instructor program isn’t just about teaching others how to instruct firearms and defense classes. Creating a real-world business strategy and solution for you and or your business is what we are passionate about. One of the top business consultants will create a plan of action that will solve your current pain points, and strategic steps to your success.

i. Our Team will begin strategically planning.

Step 3 – Strategy Session

Our goal is to communicate to you what steps are needed based on your community, your current level of training (no experience needed) is during our 20-30 minute Strategy Session.

At Go2 Firearm Safety we Believe in Communicating a sound strategy within the client budget with the focus on what you “Want” while yielding the results of the “Need” for you and your business within your community. During this call with one of our Team Trainers or Consultants, you will be able to sight in your goals and objectives as your grow while helping others to help themselves in times of need.

i. Our Team will schedule a conference with you to review the perfect strategy.

Go2 Firearm Safety Affiliate Instructor Testimonial and Reviews

One of The Best

Police Officer

The Instructor course is one of the best I have ever seen. Safe, affordable and I even selected the option for the marketing site and its absolutely driven my business to success. I am an NRA instructor and the challenge has always been “How to Get New Clientele.” Well now, that is very simple. Go2 Firearm Safety had the perfect solution for me and it works.

Thank you for all that you have done.

Growing My business

Tactical Gun owner

I registered a couple of years ago and have been progressing through the Go2FAS training tiers one step at a time. As a Martial Artists it reminds me of earning my black belt. My goal is to become a district team leader and help manage the northern district. I plan to grow my business with the wonderful marketing site and owe everything to the Go2 Firearm Safety Team.

Thank you for keeping me on target.
Lost 40 pounds

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