ATM robbery brings questions about Statesboro neighborhood safety, GSU alerts

A Georgia Southern University student was attacked and robbed over the weekend in his off-campus apartment on Robin Hood Trail. Tyler Strudgeon’s face tells the story of what happened when woke up to attackers pistol whipping him not long after he’d walked home on Sunday morning. “I’ve walked home there before, I guess with a false sense of security not knowing I was being watched,” Strudgeon said. He told police they forced him to drive to an ATM and withdraw money, then left him there bleeding and needing medical attention. He says the thieves threatened to kill him before running away with his money. Meanwhile, the post is now trending on Facebook after the victim’s mother responded to the post to warn Georgia Southern students who are headed back. She said her son, a military serviceman, was held at gunpoint when the men broke into his home while he was sleeping. She also said her son has serious injuries. She says she has since heard of other crimes in this neighborhood that borders Georgia Southern. She’s upset because she says the school’s Eagle Alert system doesn’t monitor that block off campus. “To find out today that there’s a line and where my son lived, they won’t put out an alert from this spot forward. Who determines where that point should be,” said Melissa Strudgeon, the victim’s mother. Police won’t comment on specifics of the case, only that they’re taking this violent crime seriously. “I have confidence in our detectives. They’ve been working this hard and have been since the weekend and I know they’ll find these people and we can move forward,” said Statesboro Police Chief Mike Broadhead. Tyler says he’s not going back to that neighborhood and undecided about school as well. “You think this can’t happen to you, until it does,” Strudgeon. The crime has others in the neighborhood wondering if it could happen to them. “It does worry me because it’s so unusual and something so violent. I mean, we didn’t even have our door locked that night,” said Tommy Hixon, a neighbor. The University had this to say: “The University sends out an emergency notification, an Eagle Alert, when an incident involves an immediate threat on campus to the health and safety of students or employees. Taking into account all of the known facts and circumstances, it was determined by law enforcement officials that there was not an immediate threat. The University Police Department has an agreement with the Statesboro Police Department where our two agencies work together to address issues of crime on and around campus.” Statesboro Mayor Jan Moore said in a statement Monday, “We are taking this crime very seriously and I am confident our police will find the culprit or culprits. Chief Mike Broadhead was hired to lead the department and address issues like this and I have confidence he will.” Of course, we’ll stay on top of this case and let you know any updates as they develop. This article first appeared on WTOC Local news here: ATM robbery brings questions about Statesboro neighborhood safety Go2Firearmsafety can teach you the know how through our College Bound Readiness course, learn more here: College Bound Readiness