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Because if you own a gun, it can happen to you. Even a small mistake with a gun could cost you your freedom or ruin you financially. That is why U.S. Law Shield is passionate about arming gun owners with knowledge. At a Gun Law Seminar, you will learn basic firearms laws every gun owner should know, how to interact with the police, what to do after using your firearm in self-defense, and much more. Every seminar is taught by a licensed attorney and a law enforcement professional. Learning the law from individuals who have firsthand experience enforcing it and practicing it in a court of law allows attendees to develop a deep understanding of important intricacies that would be missed by merely reading statutes. Because the legal system can be very hostile toward gun owners and ignorance of the law is no excuse, the practical legal knowledge you gain at a Gun Law Seminar could make the difference between freedom and jail time if you are ever forced to use your firearm in self-defense. Sadly, responsible gun owners get thrown into the legal system every single day, and many of these incidents could have been prevented if they had attended a gun law seminar. Thousands of gun owners are attending a U.S. Law Shield Gun Law Seminar every single month. Firearms instructors are calling it a critical extension to handgun license and basic handgun classes. Attend a Gun Law Seminar and help take responsible gun ownership to the next level. Because education is key in preserving Second Amendment rights, U.S. Law Shield underwrites all costs for these events in an effort to keep them affordable so everyone can attend. Seats start at only $10.

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