Go2 FS Training Course: Active Shooter Response (ASR)

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Learn skills necessary for surviving an active shooter situation.

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About This Course:

The Go2FS Instructors and Team have over 30 years of experience in defensive tactics. The Go2 Firearm Safety, Inc. Team of Instructors, Affiliates and Consultants are comprised of former and retired LEO, SWAT, Military, Martial Arts Experts, as well as specialized units that keep Go2 Firearm Safety, Inc. and the PPT G.E.A.R training current. The Personal Protection Training G.E.A.R. (PPT G.E.A.R.) offers the Active Shooter Response Training that gives each course attendee the situational awareness and four essential elements called G.E.A.R. for surviving an active shooter situation.

A Course to Prepare Citizens with Strategies and Tactics to Survive an Active Shooter Threat. The number of Active Shooter Events has doubled over the past decade and is projected to increase. Domestic violence, work place violence, civil unrest and terrorist attacks in the US are on the rise. Everyone involved in an Active Shooter Event had said it would never happen here…never happen to them. Are you prepared? This interactive, simulation-based course could save your life and the lives of your family, friends and colleagues.

Who Are The Go2 Firearm Instructors?

Go2 Firearm Safety utilizes top Instructors from various experiences and backgrounds based on the courses. Our companies uniqueness and the one of a kind course curriculum, instruction, business model and planning is second to none. Many of our instructors own multiple businesses that successfully teach defensive tactics, self-defense, combatives, Krav Maga and much more.

Instructors and Consultants:

  • – Active and prior Military personnel
  • – Active and retired Law Enforcement Officers
  • – Prior SWAT Team members
  • – Defense Instructors
  • – Combat Medical Consultants (one of leading experts and pioneer)
  • – Active, retired and prior Special Forces
  • – Leading Threat Assessment Personnel

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Who Is The Firearms Instructor Course For?

  1. Individuals new to the firearm industry
  2. Everyone who is a current NRA or other firearms member
  3. Experienced Shooters who want to build their skills

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Instructional Course Topics:

  • The Definition of an Active Shooter
  • 4 Types of Active Shooters
  • 5 Phases of an Active Shooter
  • 6 Active Shooter Case Studies that Changed History
  • 5 Levels of Awareness
  • 5 Components of Behavioral Profiling Using S.P.I.K.E.®
  • 30 Keys to Prepare Your Facility for an Active Shooter Event
  • 4 Essential Strategies for Surviving an Active Shooter Event – with G.E.A.R.®
  • 8 Life Saving Tips for Delivering First Aid in an Active Shooter Event
  • 6 Do’s and Don’ts when Calling 911 during an Active Shooter Event
  • 20 Critical Actions when Responding to Law Enforcement at an Active Shooter Event
  • 5 Symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress after an Active Shooter Event

Skillset Prerequisites:


Training Duration:

4 Hours

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Two forms of identification. All students must be a legal US citizen to attend any of the Go2 Firearm Safety courses.

Release Waiver:

Each participant must have a release waiver signed and turned in prior to the start of the event. CLICK HERE to get the Release Waiver for any of the Go2 Firearm Safety shooting courses.

Course Gear Requirements:

  • None

Weapon Requirements:


Ammunition Requirements:


As a martial artist with four martial arts schools I was not only excited to attend this course but after being involved and sending two instructors we could see the value of utilizing this program within our schools. Now as an affiliate instructor our schools use this as a method to teach community members as well as our current Krav Maga and Martial Artist students. For those looking have a turn key business in a box system this one delivers a strong ROI in a world needing reality training.

Tracy Thomas.

Our Go2 Firearm Safety Team Welcomes YOU As An Instructor!

Are you are a beginner looking to instruct a firearms course or someone with a great deal of experience? We guarantee we have a business model that will work for you, to help you grow. Whether part time, full time or adding this on as an additional service to your current business.
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Range Training How and Where! We will even help you get started!

  • We offer the following courses:
  • – Handgun I-Tactical
  • – Carbine I-Tactical
  • – Shotgun I- Tactical
  • – Long Range (Bolt Action) I-III

Class Room Training

  • – Active Shooter Defense (ASD)
  • – Every Day Carry -Not your normal class! (EDC)
  • – Home Invasion Course (HIC)
  • – College Bound Readiness (CBR)
  • – Krav Maga Course (transition from unarmed to armed and armed to unarmed)

Presentations and Curriculum. Nothing but the best for our Instructors!

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