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Is now seeking outside sales representatives in eight districts

Outside Sales Position

Title: Go2FirearmSafety Regional Developer

Who is

It is an online marketing directory website servicing everything firearms
related. We provide our clientele websites, development, online
marketing, SEO and consulting. Owned and operated by Rev Marketing 2 U, Inc. based in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, Virginia.

Utilizing state of the art website development and internet marketing
that focuses on growing businesses of all sizes.  Our strategic
online marketing campaigns, professional marketing sites, and resources
help our clients effectively reach a much expanded and needed base of
customers. We help business owners place their marketing puzzle pieces
together through professional sales and consulting services. gives our clients the tools to grow their business
through defined strategic marketing, brand identity, and top notch

As business owners, we are familiar with the daily fundamentals,
standards, and requirements for successful entrepreneurship. Our
technical and business management team have years of experience in web
development, online performance, business ownership, marketing,
consulting and first-hand experience and success of day to day business

We are uniquely equipped and qualified to assist our customers in
maximizing their marketing effectiveness and bottom line. is rapidly expanding and is growing at a great
rate. We forecast our sales rising exponentially and strive to hit our
target within the new regionally developed areas.

Unique Region Of Opportunity

As a result of our sales forecast and our companies growth, we are
actively and assertively seeking qualified and motivated individuals to
be a part of our growth. We are actively searching for like-minded individuals to develop regional offices.  We’re seeking individuals who have a “Hunter” mentality to generate new business and
at the same time a “Farmer” mentality to retain and foster customer
loyalty to the Go2FirearmSafety brand as we place their marketing
puzzle pieces together. is looking for individuals
in the following areas for regional development.

1.    Outside Sales

Go2FirearmSafety Regional Developer Requirements & Job Tasks

Go2FirearmSafety is accepting people who have a strong, genuine desire
to help make the client’s business highly successful. We will manage
your training and will get you started.

  • Work with leads generated from our lists of prospects in their
    local area or from your own self-generated leads
  • Introduce services to local, regional and
    national business owners
  • Close the sale via online (example: echo sign)
  • Keep abreast of the progress of their client’s sites through the project management system
  • Provide on-going customer service through our project management
    and CRM

Basic Qualifications For Regional Developers:

  • Sales experience
  • Highly self-motivated
  • Good sales and organizational skills
  • Professional phone and interpersonal skills
  • Caring
  • Attention to detail
  • Perseverance
  • Customer service oriented
  • A good working knowledge of basic computer programs
  • References

Experience: (can be an asset in your success)

  • Social media- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus
  • Sales
  • Customer Service

Features & Benefits

  • You design, manage and control your own hours as a sub-contractor or as a part-time or full-time employee
  • Regional Developers will be provided leads, training, and sales
    presentation materials, tools, and aids
  • Sales territory is your local business area. Prospects can be
    contacted through phone calls, emails, Go To Meetings, Skype, and
    Company Webinars
  • Sales presentations and coaching are done via digital access such
    as; laptop, Ipad, etc. or conference calls from the privacy of your own
    home or office.
  • Working with businesses, small and large, puts us in the environment where revenue is created
  • Work hard, play hard – reap the benefits of your hard work and
    let Go2FirearmSafety assist you with a solid business plan
  • We offer a solid commission plan that allows for a quick start up
    and fully functional operation that will allow you to start earning a
    strong living immediately
  • Go2FirearmSafety will set you up with an email address
  • Go2FirearmSafety will list your area and contact information on a
    Go2FirearmSafety Regional Developer sales page on our sites

3 Easy Steps To Get Started

  1. Upload and submit your resume using the form below. We will contact you within three – five business days.
  2. Interview: An invitation may be sent via email to you for a phone
    or video interview.
  3. Offer of Employment: For those accepted Go2FAS will submit an
    offer of employment to you for your review.