Go2FirearmSafety™ has a large directory of ranges, that will allow you, the visitor to locate a range near you. The right shooting range is as important as your choice of firearms. Indoor or outdoor, level of supervision, area ventilation, and type of firearms allowed, are just a few of the criteria that need to be assessed when choosing a shooting range. Go2FirearmSafety™ allows you to filter the list of ranges, to quickly find your preferred range. Continue reading “Range”


AmmunitionThe rounds needed for the handgun you use, depend on the caliber of the firearm. The manufacturer should recommend it. The most common calibers are .22, the .25ACP and the .32. All weapons can used with deadly intent, however, they are not regarded as sufficiently powerful for the purpose of self defense. Any firearm is better than none, and the little .22 has been used successfully many times. Continue reading “Ammunition”


Gun clubWhile rental and open gun ranges are convenient for shooting practice, and find out what type of firearm you wish to own, they are not necessarily the best environment to learn to shoot the way you have always wanted. Finding a gun club or range that is open exclusively to members is a great way to practice more regularly, gather firearm skills and mingle with experienced shooters. Continue reading “Clubs”

How Does ‘Fear’ Affect You And Your Firearm?

You might not think this applies to you, but you are mistaken. This is applicable on several levels. Every time our government tries to pass legislation affecting firearms, sales hit the roof. Every time you hear of a mass shooting new records are recorded on background checks. That means that people fear the government whittling away at their rights, so they get themselves a gun. Continue reading “How Does ‘Fear’ Affect You And Your Firearm?”

Dry-Fire, Why?

It’s been 30 years this month since I first stepped on those yellow footprints at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego. The world is a totally different place with new threats and new ways to handle them. Much has changed, but I guarantee you one thing is still the same. Before a young recruit will ever have his hand on a live round he will have spent dozen’s of hours learning weapon safety, parts and nomenclature of his M16 Service Weapon and hours and hours of dry-firing. All to ensure that the Marine’s retain their position as the world’s premiere marksmen. Continue reading “Dry-Fire, Why?”