Dallas Active Shooter – April 24,2017

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in Dallas. Sadly, these active shooter events keep happening …  theaters, college campus, work spaces and so many more locations. Many are asking, what is the answer to stay safe? Rick Abair a Go2 Firearm Safety Instructor as well as an 8th dan black belt a Master Instructor was in a building nearby when this horrifying scenario occurred late yesterday morning. He posted on Facebook seen HERE (https://www.facebook.com/rick.abair/posts/10212845812319561). The event sends chills down the spines of the innocent with the thought of an active shooter event taking place in their work space. The women and men in blue are doing their best to respond as quickly as they can during such dangerous times. These heroes, our law enforcement officers battle time itself as they race the clock during an active shooter response while attempting to keep everyone safe as they enter the unknown. Their passion to help others, their training, their plan and their courage drives them forward as they seek out the evil. There is no perfect answer whether and individual or a corporation. But what we know to be true is having a plan and being trained can save lives. Corporations truly need to help train their employees and customers while giving them the opportunity to feel safe in this ever changing world. Individuals need to seek training and be prepared with a plan until law enforcement can arrive. As a nation we can no longer sit still and wait, we must be prepared to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those victims and the Dallas community for all their support in this time of need against the violent actions of the active shooter. Stay Safe, Go2 Firearm Safety, Inc.