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Firearm Business Owner Questions

  • What is Go2FAS?

    Go2FAS is an abbreviation of Go2FirearmSafety.com and is a National Directory of Firearms and Firearms related businesses, visitors are local, regional, national and international. Go2FAS is designed to connect Firearm & Firearm related Businesses with the communities they exist in through online marketing business pages and websites.

  • How do I use Go2FAS for my business?

    You can use Go2FAS in a couple ways. You may create a business page within our Firearm Directory, by building a Revolver Marketing Package, Target Marketing Package, or the premium Recoil Marketing Package. Learn more on the level of each business page on our Get Listed page.Go2FAS is also a marketing and website company with a heavy focus on Search Engine Optimization, mobility, and design. If your business is without a website or you would like to step your business’s online performance up, test out how your business will look with a Go2FAS built website with our Site Visualizer. If your business has become a daily struggle or you would like your business to advance make Go2FAS your Online

  • What is the difference between Go2FAS and Go2FS?

    Great question! Go2FAS is our National Directory of firearm related businesses pages, marketing and website builders, and SEO specialists. Go2FS is the tiered system of Firearm Safety,

  • I want to buy a listing, how long will it take to get my business page live?

    As long as the information provided to us is full and accurate it should not take more than 2 Business Days. You will also receive an email notifying you that your business page is live with a link to it! Be sure to correctly add in your business name, location and description as that is how the directory users will find your business page when they use the search tool on the home page.

  • Go2FAS Website Travel Guide

    The Go2FAS community is here to service consumers, instructors, businesses and many others seeking information, training and other firearm related resources. Below is a list of the Go2 Firearm Safety related resources for the Go2FAS community. The Go2FAS Team is frequently adding more resources so please stop back by and visit our community resources page frequently.

    1. Subscribe to News

      Become a Go2FirearmSafety.com (Go2FAS) subscriber. Go to the footer at the bottom of the gun site page and subscribe. Whether a firearms enthusiast or a business offering products and services we will keep you informed and connected on Go2FAS.

    2. Events around the country

      Are you looking for instruction on firearms or various weapon systems? Are you seeking defense classes? Search for an event or Post your event on the Go2FAS events page and use that URL to market to your community.

    3. Get Your Business or Instruction Listed

      List your business scheduled shooting course, CCW classes, NRA classes, Competition or firearms event on the Go2FAS gun site.

      Do you teach gun courses, rifle, shotgun, tactical shooting classes or own a gun site or shooting range? The Go2FAS.com vistors and firearms subscribers are seeking your firearms realted events, products and services.

    4. Check or Claim Your Listing

      Check your business listing and learn how the Go2FAS site can help you and your business GROW! Its as simple as getting listed! Many of the Go2FAS.com businesses started off with a claimed firearms listing and then moved into a website for enahnced business growth.

    5. Go2FAS Blog

      Stop by and read the Go2FirearmSafety.com blog that is posted to quite often. From gun laws, regulations, to new firearms, rifles and the latest trends Go2FAs will keep you posted.

    6. News & Events

      Go2FirearmSafety.com is keeping site subsctribers up to date with evetrythng firearms related News and Events.

    7. Products and Services

      The Go2FAS site is keeping site visitors and subscribers connected with firearms related products and services. Stop by and visit this link quite frequently and see why so many people join the Go2FAS community.

    8. GoFAS Forum

      Login and browse, post and have fun socially on our Go2FAS Forum.

      General Discussion, Instructors, EDC, Ammunition, Gun Training Tips, Custom Firearms, Tactical, Gun Laws, Gun Collectors and more.

    9. Log In to YOUR Dashboard

      Login and upload a profile photo, upload images to the site and more. Have Fun on Go2FirearmSafety.com.

    10. Business Build a Sample Site FREE

      Do you instruct, sell a product and or service related to the firearm industry?

      This is where you can use the one of kind Go2FAS visualizer and build a FREE sample view site in under a minute and you WILL see your demo site. You can chose up to 4 different styles in the upper left hand corner.

    11. Build a Professional WEBSITE

      Are looking to GET SEEN and GET More Business? We can keep your business on Target and help you Grow!

    12. Advertisers

      More Traffic means more leads. More leads means more business and the Go2FAS advertisers are getting just that.

    13. Post Your Business EVENT FREE

      Are you interested in a FREE listing of your event? Post it here…

    14. Promote & Market your Business Event HERE

      Looking to promote and event with online marketing, social media and much more. Select this link and see how fast your business can grow online with Go2FAS.

    15. Need Help? Frequently Asked Questions

      Looking for help on the website? We have a frequently asked questions section that can help you with your needs.

    16. Feature Business Listing

      Check out our Featured Businesses on Go2FAS. If you are a business, get listed on the Go2FAS Featured Listing Page.

    17. Gun Glossary

      Visit the firearm safety Gun Glossary and learn more about firearms, guns, rifles, shotguns and other weapon systems. If you would like to add more to the gun glossary submit additional terms in the form at the bottom of the page.

    18. About Us Go2FAS

      Go2FirearmSafety.com has an About Us Page that lists what the Go2FAS site is all about. Visit this link to learn more about one of the largest online firearm resources.

    19. Map Page

      By visiting the Go2FAS.com map page site visitors can look up and seacrh in their local communities, by state or by the Go2FAS Districts. It is as easy as clicking on the map and finding all of the area firearm businesses, shooting coaches, shooting ranges, firearms instructors, gun dealers, gunsmiths and so much more. Go2FAS even offers a directory listing of campgrounds and RV sites for those traveling in competition, hunting, and shooting events.

    20. Owners Circle

      The Go2FAs Owners Circle is a Business Owners page identifying the Go2FAS Services.

    21. Go2FirearmSafety.com website:
    22. Go2FirearmSafety
    23. Go2FAS
    24. Social Links:
    25. YouTube:
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    27. Instagram:
    28. Twitter:
    29. Thank you for visiting Go2FirearmSafety.com
    30. Keep Training and Stay Safe,
    31. Go2FAS Team

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