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Below are companies that are listed as the Go2Firearm Safety FEATURED BUSINESSES! They offer services and products that reflect the high quality of our brand. Please take a moment to learn more about each one of these companies, their products and services.

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Whether you are seeking a firearms instructor for training at a range, firearms and defense related gear, ammunition and a multitude of services and products our Go2 Firearm Safety Featured Businesses can help you connect.

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Firearm Safety Training That Keeps You On Target. A complete firearms training source at our location or yours.

US Law Shield

US Law Shield

Custom Firearms Products Of The Finest Quality. We Build and Test All of Our Products to the Highest Standards.

1020 Bay Area Blvd #220,
Houston, TX 77058



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Tactical Medical Consulting

Learn to administer the appropriate and necessary skill during the correct phase of treatment, with the lowest risk of additional injury to the patient or provider.

1211 Johnson Ferry Rd.
Marietta, Ga., 30068, USA



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Summit Rifles

Summit Rifles is dedicated to providing the highest quality rifle builds and custom gunsmithing services bar none at any price

1340 Hiram Acworth Hwy Ste-119
Dallas, Georgia 30157

(770) 790-8184


Georgia Paintball

Georgia Paintball

The best paintball and airsift facilities in Georgia. Over 25 years of high-quality service and equipment.

840 Ernest Barrett Parkway – Suite 114
Kennesaw, GA 30144



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The World’s Top Site For Martial Arts Info. Over 19,100 Active Listings And Growing. Uniting people with martial arts schools around the world.



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Rev Marketing 2U

We deliver innovative, reliable, top quality internet marketing and reputation management services for a diverse field of satisfied clients on a consistent and growing basis.

(770) 790-8184


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Go2Karate Sites

We’re not just a Directory Site, we’re a FULL BLOWN ONLINE Marketing agency here to help you have Ground Breaking Success. Our existing marketing clients experienced an increase from 35% to 135% in leads in the last year!

(757) 296-6605


VERY happy with the results!

Tactical Gun owner

Both our company and our affiliate firearm instructors are VERY happy with the results from the marketing website and monthly marketing that yields new clientele. We are honored to write this review as we have seen a tremendous return on our investment. The customer service is nothing but the best. We are love our Featured Business spot and highly recommend their services.
Thank you,

The Go2FS Training Team