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Go2FS – Firearm Safety Training That Keeps You On Target

Offering Training Courses Nationally and Internationally

go2fs community courses

Community Courses

Our Community Firearms Training Courses are a TEAM concept. Training, Education, Awareness and Management that teach a wide variety of firearm safety.


go2fs Shooting Courses

Shooting Courses

There is a wide variety of shooting range training. If you are seeking a quality education and safety awareness on the range we have the perfect fit for you.


go2fs tactical Courses

Tactical Courses

Our Community Firearms Training Courses are a TEAM concept. Training, Education, Awareness and Management that teach a wide variety of firearm safety.


go2fs Instructional Courses

Instructional Courses

Are you a business owner? We offer a variety of courses that can help assess, set-up, create a plan, and train executives, managers and employees.


Go2FS takes pride in promoting the highest level of safe weapons systems handling when operating a firearm from beginners to advanced.

Our Go2FS firearms training systems offer a wide variety of unique training courses servicing community members, shooting ranges, law enforcement, and military personnel seeking training from dry fire to live fire.

We work with and support businesses with firearms training for Threat Assessments, Facilitator Response, Team Building, Dry-Firing and Group Range Time.

If you are a firearms instructor, you know the importance of your job and the effect you have on your students. that help their communities in the practices of owning, operating and storing firearm and weapon systems. Safety is definitely an action that everyone could use more of, especially in the subject of firearms. Go2FS can help you advance your skill set in instructing firearm courses in your community, nationally or internationally.


Todd Droege
International Director of Training
Go2FS Zero 6 Team Leader


Tom Westcott
International Director of Operations
Go2FS Zero 6 Team Leader

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Become Safer with Training

Police Officer

Being a firearm instructor, I have seen first-hand mistakes are the leading cause of accidents. The smartest thing you can do with a firearm is learning the proper way of handling a firearm. The welfare of yourself and those around you will become safer when you become mentally sure.

Clifton D.

React to Whatever May Occur

Tactical Gun owner

I’ve owned my company for 12 years now and one of the most important things I want my employees knowing is how to assess and react to whatever may occur. I strongly recommend you having your employees take Firearms Safety courses as well. The most productive work environment is a safe one!

Mark G.
Lost 40 pounds

Thanks Go2Home Invasion Readiness

Firearm shooting lady

When my husband is working, and I am home with the kids, I don’t worry about someone breaking in thanks to the Go2Home Invasion Readiness course I took. My home security system is a great asset to have, but I also need to know how to take action if anything were to happen.

Allison F.
Impressed Father