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Host a Seminar

US Law Shield Legal Protection For Gun Owners

Host a Gun Law Seminar at Your Business

Need answers to the legal questions your customers are asking? Let us provide an experienced independent firearms program attorney to separate legal fact from fiction. Provide extra added value for your customers… at no cost to you! As a part of U.S. Law Shield’s commitment to education, we have developed a program where we completely underwrite all the expenses for experienced independent firearms program attorneys, law enforcement, and other firearms professionals to speak at your business on the critical topics every gun owner should know. Sample topics include: “Essential Gun Law Every Gun Owner Needs to Know,” “Surviving an Active Shooter Encounter,” “When Can I Use Deadly Force,” “What To Do After You Pull the Trigger,” “First Aid for Gun Shot Wounds,” and many other firearms-related topics. Help us arm gun owners with knowledge: invite us to provide your customers with the knowledge they need to stay on the right side of the law. Give your customers the legal knowledge they are asking for and host a Gun Law Seminar today!

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