Legal Protection For Gun Owners

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US Law Shield Legal Protection For Gun Owners

U.S. Law Shield Legal Defense Program offers a vast variety of legal protection concerning your firearm use.

In addition to legal education, when you become a member of U.S Law Shield you are protected under their services. Independent program attorneys will represent you in any legal proceeding (criminal or civil), for zero attorneys’ fees. This includes all charges arising from a “use” of a gun or any legal weapon. All Police investigations, pretrial proceedings, trial, both criminal and civil are covered. U.S Law Shield offers a 24/7/365 firearms emergency hotline that is always answered by a U.S Law Shield Independent Program Attorney. This feature is exclusively available to members only. When calling the hotline, you are directly speaking with an independent firearms program attorney. What is said to an independent program attorney is fully confidential. All attorneys’ fees are covered when you become an active member, with no caps or reimbursements. U.S Law Shield not only offers legal services to their members, but also seminars and workshops on firearms topics, publications of firearm safety, newsletters to members, and updated changes on any firearm laws. U.S Law Shield encourages gun owners to attend a gun law seminar or workshop to speak with experienced independent program attorneys and law enforcement professionals.

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