Tactical Shooting Course


Who Is This Tactical Shooting Course For?

The Go2 Firearm Safety Tactical Shooting Course trains with two weapon systems. The handgun and carbine are the course weapons and the training is for first timers to experienced shooters. This Go2FAS tactical shooting course is not just a safe and skill set honing course – It’s truly is a fun course that is an eye opening defensive course for community members. Whether you need to rent guns from us or you have your own weapon systems, we have you covered.

There are three levels in this course and each student goes through the progression stages at their own pace. This is a perfect class for beginners to advanced and we offer a 2 hour, 4 hour, 8 hour and a 16 hour full course that permits you to qualify as an instructor.

Top Instructors at Go2 Firearm Safety

Go2 Firearm Safety utilizes top Instructors from various experiences and backgrounds based on the courses. Our company’s uniqueness and the one of a kind course curriculum, instruction, business model and planning is second to none. Many of our instructors own multiple businesses that successfully teach defensive tactics, self-defense, combatives, Krav Maga, edged weapons systems and much more.

Instructors and Consultants:

  • Active and prior Military personnel
  • Active and retired Law Enforcement Officers
  • Prior SWAT Team members
  • Defense Instructors
  • Combat Medical Consultants (one of leading experts and pioneer)
  • Active, retired and prior Special Forces
  • Leading Threat Assessment Personnel

Tactical Course Topics:

  • Handgun & Carbine
  • Using Vehicles & Barricades for cover (Level III ONLY)
  • Safety Measures
  • Basic Malfunction Response
  • Safely loading and unloading the handgun
  • Characteristics of the Handgun
  • Learn basic mechanics of shooting – Make a good hit from the start!
  • Basic shooting from behind barricades
  • We can help fit and explain the best weapon for you based on you as an individual
  • Defensive mindset
  • Multiple targets
  • Defense scenario shooting

Upcoming Courses:

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Wow! I am thrilled to be taking my second Tactical Shooting course with the awesome instructors at Go2 Firearm Safety. My first Tactical Course was a four-hour introductory course and they ingrained the reality of carrying and use of a firearm for defense. We even were able to do one of the gun defense and disarming techniques. I have been a Krav Maga student for years and I have never seen such a cool class. Thank YOU Go2 FAS!


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