Handgun Course on 4/3/2021

About this Event

This handgun course is all about learning techniques to shoot a handgun in low-light conditions.

  • Powder Springs GA

Instructional Course Topics:
  • Shooting in low light conditions
  • Home Invasion Defense With Handgun
  • Safety Measures
  • Basic Malfunction Response
  • Safely loading and unloading the handgun
  • Characteristics of the Handgun
  • Learn basic mechanics of shooting – Make a good hit from the start!
  • Defensive Handgun Strategies
  • Combative mindset
  • Defense scenario shooting
Top Instructors at Go2 Firearm Safety Go2 Firearm Safety utilizes top Instructors from various experiences and backgrounds based on the courses. Our company’s uniqueness and the one of a kind course curriculum, instruction, business model and planning is second to none. Many of our instructors own multiple businesses that successfully teach defensive tactics, self-defense, combatives, Krav Maga, edged weapons systems and much more. Required Gear
  • Handgun
  • 3 Magazines
  • 150 rounds of ammo
  • Holster
  • Night Sights on Pistol
  • Handheld Flashlight
  • Weapon Mounted Light (Not mandatory)
  • Eyes and ear protection