Traveling The Safe & Smart Way With A Firearm

Traveling with a firearm

When traveling with firearms in the Atlanta International Airport, even if you are platinum or gold status with Delta, you now have to check in thru Special Items Area only. Fill out an orange card that declares empty weapons and then put it in you hard side case with two locks if it has two locking areas. Then you will have to take the firearm to a TSA check in area where the case will stay locked, and the will wipe the case to detect nitrates or explosive material. They will say you are ready to go through security with your firearms and your other carry-on items. However, double check your carry on so that knives, ammo, pistols are not in your bags or you will need me to introduce you to Matt Kilgo, Firearms Attorney here in Georgia! Make yourself a note to remind you that you are traveling with firearms; it is an extra responsibility you have to take very seriously. Safe travels. Also, check with your airline on firearm restrictions how many, how much ammo and type of case and locks, etc. Todd Droege International director of training. *Airlines, airports and TSA may have different policies on protocols and traveling with a firearm. Always be proactive and check in before traveling so you can follow these policies in a safe and smart order. Helpful link: